Are you thinking of attending SDI19 but don't live in the UK?


Are you thinking about coming to SDI19 next year but are wondering whether it’s too far to travel?

…We managed to speak to some of this year’s delegates who travelled from far and wide to attend SDI’s annual conference in Birmingham, UK.

Ilyas DeGia, Vice President - Service Manager at Investcorp travelled from Bahrain to attend SDI18…


"One of the best organised events that I have attended which provided me with the opportunity to meet and learn from industry peers. The individual feedback and real-world experience were invaluable and helped me to learn about new emerging skills and technologies. The key note speech and session with Nigel Risner was exceptional and fun. The awards ceremony is the icing of the event and an aspiration for everyone to become an SDI awardee - already packed and ready for SDI19!"

Tracey Horricks, Service Delivery Manager at the University of Adelaide even sacrificed the Australian sunshine to attend conference in chilly Birmingham this March!

University of Adelaide.jpg

“I left the Australian heat for the 32,000km round trip to SDI18 and found it incredibly rewarding! Hearing first-hand about the challenges other organisations were facing was reassuring and interesting, but seeing the achievements and possible futures for our service desks was both eye-opening and inspiring.

I used my learnings to focus on automation and reducing the ‘basic’ tasks processed by our Service Desk, resulting in a 13% reduction in our YTD workload (bucking the trend of 5-8% annual growth for the previous 5 years).

Thoughts and things I took from conference:

  • ITSM tool issues are primarily down to implementations and ongoing support, as the main ITSM tools do far more than what most businesses are using them for (certainly true for us).

  • Automation, bots, AI, Natural language are things we need to be investing in. 

  • Service Desk agents will be expected to ‘step up’ and take on more technical work, as the simple tasks are automated. The need for technical skills will increase to support this.

  • Customer experience is key, and should be in the forefront of all decisions.

  • SDC is something we need to do, when the timing is right (not the right time at the moment due to significant restructures and changes happening, but I’m very keen).

  • My ‘swag bag’ of freebies weighed more than I thought, and resulted in a ‘heavy’ sticker on my suitcase!

  • I forgot HOW COLD the UK winter is … and the ‘beast from the east 2.0’ certainly reminded me.”

John Magnus Furseth Kallevik, Service Level Manager at the University of Stavanger travels from Norway each year to attend SDI’s annual UK conference.

University of Stavanger.jpg

“For us, meeting people who care deeply about both technology and the people who are using it, gives us fuel for thought and inspiration. The SDI conference is one of the best arenas for exchanging ideas and experiences within our field, and is not something to miss. We are returning guests each year, and would highly recommend it to anyone currently working in or administering a service desk.”

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