It's time to change the rhetoric surrounding Artificial Intelligence

It's time to change the rhetoric surrounding Artificial Intelligence Katie Gibbs.jpeg

AI is currently the hot topic in digital; we are seeing AI deliver tangible and reliable benefits to businesses that it simply has not done before. Whether it’s easing the burden of governance and compliance obligations using AI decision support tools modelled on the knowledge of experts, or developing a chatbot to answer complex customer questions, Artificial Intelligence can be applied across all industries and companies are increasingly becoming aware of the value that AI can add.

However, when speaking to businesses about Artificial Intelligence, a key problem that we encounter is their perception of it; they are either extremely cynical of the technology or they have extremely high expectations of what it can do. This is in part due to the media’s overblown coverage of AI; from a TV show about Artificial Intelligence as sentient beings to articles suggesting that we will soon be working for a "Robo-boss".

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A Terminator-esque future is being propounded by the media which is creating an atmosphere of fear surrounding AI and the role that it will play in the future.

This negative portrayal by the media is explicit to a branch of Artificial Intelligence known as General AI, which is focused on developing an AI that has equal or greater intellectual capability to humans. In reality we are still a long way from this and people are right to be cynical of it, but it's important to note that the AI tools that are being effectively used today belong to Narrow AI; that is to say non-sentient technology that is focused on one specific task. This distinction between General and Narrow AI isn't acknowledged in the media and has tainted people's perception of, and their reaction to, AI.

Our mission is to change the rhetoric surrounding Artificial Intelligence. At Aigen, we talk about Applied AI; a collection of Narrow AI systems that are intricately stitched together to create a wide AI solution for businesses. We use Applied AI to create bespoke solutions that empower clients and deliver demonstrable business results, rather than limiting them to a specific AI tool.

The current perception of AI in the media doesn't take into account the success of these bespoke Applied AI solutions. It's time that we make the distinction between the current capabilities of Narrow AI and the future potential of General AI. After all, Applied AI is where the true value of current AI capabilities lie.

Katie Gibbs is Head of Accelerated Consulting at Aigen AI, a technology-agnostic AI consultancy focused on delivering intelligent solutions and thought leadership and will be speaking at SDI19. Blog taken from here.